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Julian and Emma — July 31, 2016
I think I might quit Polyvore. —
Music — July 28, 2016
Kawaii! Pack and Go Tokyo —

Kawaii! Pack and Go Tokyo





Thank you 


Thank you very much 

 Arigato gozaimasu 

You’re welcome 




Excuse me 

 sumimasen, shitsurei shimasu 





So long 


Good morning 

 O hayou gozaimasu 

Good afternoon 


Good evening 


Good night 


I do not understand 


How do you say this in [English]? 

 Kore wa [nihongo] de nan to iimasuka? 

Here are some basic Japanese phrases. I personally have been to Japan and can recommend going to EVERYONE!! It’s amazing how nothing seems to stop!

Kawaii! Pack and Go Tokyo


Black Chic — July 27, 2016
Ghostbusters 2016 Movie Review — July 26, 2016

Ghostbusters 2016 Movie Review

Recently I went to see the movie Ghostbusters and I want to tell you what I thought of the movie. First off I absolutely loved the movie and I think that it was a great balance of  humour and action. The movie is about 4 women and 1 dorky sidekick that have to team up to save New York city from being invaded by ghosts. The main characters are Erin, Abigail, Patty, Lillian and Kevin. Erin, Abigail and Lillian are all scientists and are passionate about the paranormal. Patty is a train station worker who joins the crew after a ghost sighting and Kevin is the adorable sidekick who is very clumsy, he joins to be the receptionist at the lab. The movie even included references to the original ghostbusters and included  Dan Aykroyd that played one of the characters in the original movie made in 1984, in a scene in the movie Dan said “I ain’t afraid of no ghost”. Erin was played by Kirsten Wiig, Abigail was played by Melissa McCarthy, Lillian was played by Kate McKinnon, Patty was played by Leslie Jones and Kevin was played by Chris Hemsworth. The movie Ghostbusters was a great film and I would recommend it to everyone of all ages.

Falling Down The Rabbit Hole Again — July 25, 2016

Falling Down The Rabbit Hole Again

Alice really lived in a fantasy world, Talking plants and late rabbits, But for those of you that have read the original Lewis Carol book. He got his inspiration from England in the 1800’s . The Mad Hatter was actually a Mad Hat- Maker. Hat Makers used toxic chemicals making them slightly loopy. The dormouse was representing England’s ignorant society. How they always fell ignorant to the issues haunting England at the time. Alice In Wonderland was a fairytale story wrapped up in truthful events

Falling Down The Rabbit Hole Again


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