How is it when a sad song plays you get an urge to look out the window and you suddenly wish that it was as rainy as Hogwarts. How is it when an upbeat song plays it just triggers a smile and a badly choreographed dance routine, (my single ladies dance is on point though)

Its *scientifically* proven that when fangirls scream, yell and do anything to meet their fave its just neurology. They are merely excited. So is it excitement?? Is it a pattern? Or is it just a emotion portrayed in that song.

Laptop growing hot and music playing (I’m a little secretive at this point as its a controversial band 😂) I feel like I should either put scientific facts in here… But that was never my thing.

I’m just going to leave you with this; a quote by me since I am smart and philosophical. (sometimes as I did say DONT BE UPSETTI HAVE SOME SPAGHETTI!)

Music is a powerful thing, So is emotion. And thats why they go hand in hand. But sometimes music makes us feel things that we don’t want to feel and bring up doubts and worries that we don’t need. So put on a happy song. Dance, Live and Love. If you get hurt play breakup songs. But don’t be sad all of the time






Its a good album, If you don’t like them just listen to some of these songs,

Some of them are really under-appreciated.